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About island Cres

The island Cres is the biggest island on Adriatic Sea, situated between Kvarner-bay, Istrian peninsula and island Krk. His superficies is 405,70 km², the highest point on the island is the Gorice (648 m). The island Cres and the island Lošinj have been separated from Roman times when the Osor canal has been made. On the island Cres there are bluffs and little pebble beaches. According to Greek legend, Medeja and Jason have been escaped on the island where they killed Medejas brother Apsir, Medeja has cut open Apsirt death body and the parts of his body discarded into the sea. From the cut open Apsirt body have arised the islands of Apsirt-Apsyrtides.Today name of the island is coming from Roman times when the name of the island was Res Publica Crespa. On the north part of the island are growing oak and chestnut. Across the whole island are growing sage and the other medical plants, the island has been covered with olive groves. The climate is medium warm rainy type of climate with warm and dry summers nad rainy autumns. On the island is situated fresh water lake Vransko jezero, deep 74m and on the surficies of 5,75 km², the lake has been the main source of fresh water for the whole archipelago. The island has rich flora but also on the island live many types of animals, such as sheep, goat, deer, boar. Today the island Cres is one of the rarely habitation of the griffon vulture. The source of the income on the island are the tourism, agriculture, fishery and the apiculture. On the island are been situated the following villages: Lubenice, Osor, Punta Križa, Beli, Porozina, Merag, Belej, Stivan, Orlec, Martinšćica, Miholašćica.

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About village Stivan

Stivan is the village situated on the west side of the island Cres and south from the lake Vransko jezero on the heigh above sea level of 100 to 120 meters. The nearest village is Miholašćica which is situated 2 km northwestern from Stivan. Stivan is the village which was created by fusion of several separate hamlets: Gornje Selo, Donje Selo and Suviški (the hamlet of Sv. Vid), from which each hamlet had his own church. These hamlets have arised from pastors flats. Tha hamlet Gornje Selo (Stivan, the hamlet of Sv. Ivan) has prevailed.and became the centre of the parish with the common cemetary. In it has been build the parish church at year 1774., on the same place where was the earlier church, and at the year of 1794. has been build the church tower. The oldest church in Stivan is the romanesque church of Sv. Vid. A some younger church from her is the church of Svi sveti which represents the gothic structure and was builted near the year of 1400. The bay is 800 meters away from the village Stivan so You can come along with the asphalted road to bay Marašćica for about 10 minutes by walk. Stivane is the excellent place for people who want to spent his vacation without tourist crowd in rural silence and in the rural ambience.

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